Monday, September 14, 2009

Sarala Starts Pre-K!

Sarala has been talking about going to school for almost a year now, and today was the big day. This morning she was full of energy with small moments of nervousness mixed in. As we walked up to the school and in through the front doors she was both shy and curious; pulling away from me but also hiding behind me at times. We found the cafeteria table where she was supposed to meet her class and Sarala started to find her groove. She showed her lunch box to her teacher and began pointing out everything inside. When the teacher formed a line to go to the class room, Sarala fell right in. There she stood with her oversized princess backpack, looking forward to her big day. With a wave and a smile, she said good bye to April and I.

What an amazing privileged it is to be a parent.

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